These shoes were made for… driving?

As road safety experts, we’re approached for answers to questions on a range of topics. An RACQ member recently asked, “is it illegal to drive barefoot?”

Answer:  Despite the rumours, in Queensland there are no specific rules about what you can and can’t wear when it comes to your feet and driving. A driver should wear footwear that makes them feel comfortable and that allows them to safely operate a vehicle – even if that means wearing no footwear at all.

If you do prefer to go sans-tread, it’s important your shoes are stored somewhere that won’t interfere with the pedals or your driving. At RACQ, we recommend placing your shoes in the passenger’s side front or rear seat well.

While there aren’t any strict rules or guidelines, ultimately it comes down to safety. Make sure your feet are free to do what they need to do when you’re behind the wheel.