Queensland’s regional speeding hotspots

Some of the most prevalent speeding hotspots in regional centres around Queensland have caught thousands of motorists doing the wrong thing, The Courier Mail has reported.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said while the most likely spots for speeding fines were high-traffic locations in Brisbane, hotspots in the regions also stood out.

“The statistics show that speeders will be caught,” Ms Ross said.

“By speeding, you’re putting both your life and others’ lives at risk.

“When we see more than 1,800 speeding tickets issued at Sheridan Street in Cairns or Broadsound Road in Mackay, that’s a recipe for disaster.

“Often when people are on the roads they drive every day, they go into autopilot mode. They think ‘I know these roads’ and don’t switch on. That’s a form of driver distraction which, like speeding, is one of the Fatal Five.

“When you speed, you give yourself and your car less time to react to anything unexpected.”

Regional road policing Inspector Peter Flanders told The Courier Mail every traffic cop had “two or three” serious high-speed crashes they had responded to that would stick with them forever.

“To be honest, my first reaction at every major crash I attend is anger,” Inspector Flanders said.

“It’s just such a pointless waste. I have never been to a crash that needed to happen. You just think that this person did not need to die.”

Regional speeding hotspots in 2017:

  • Darling Downs: Cunningham Highway, Willowvale (3,424 fines)
  • Sunshine Coast: Eumundi-Noosa Road (2,753 fines)
  • Ipswich: Warrego Highway, Brassall (2,481 fines)
  • Far North Queensland: Sheridan Street, Cairns North (1,894 fines)
  • Mackay: Broadsound Road, Paget (1,883 fines)
  • North Queensland: Ingham Road, Bohle (1,787 fines)
  • Fraser Coast: Kent Street, Maryborough (733 fines)
  • Bundaberg: Bargara Road, Kalkie (324 fines)
  • Central Queensland: Gladstone Road, Allenstown (300 fines).