Brisbane City Council FY 20/21 Budget scorecard

RACQ has released its analysis of Brisbane City Council’s (BCC) Budget handed down on Wednesday and how it will impact its 1.8million members and the wider community.

FY 20/21 expenditure

RACQ analysis

The total budgeted expenditure (including capex) is $3.181 billion, up from an expected $3.055 billion for 2019-20.

Aggregate transport expenditure of $1.7 billion is up from $1.6 billion in 2019-20.

While the increase is modest in absolute terms this is a welcome boost to the local economy in a challenging fiscal environment.


BCC has increased its road network maintenance and improvement operating budget. In particular, the budget for road resurfacing projects has seen a major increase to $90 million in 2020-21 from $72.5 million in 2019-20.

We welcome this increase in maintenance expenditure and believe it will improve the quality of Brisbane’s road network while delivering a boost to local employment.


The active transport project budget has increased to $123 million in 2020-21 from $83 million in 2019-20. The increase in the active transport budget is driven by $40 million allocated to major bikeway projects and a further $23 million allocated to green bridge development.

The $40 million for bikeway projects is particularly notable given it represents strong growth from the $27 million budgeted for 2019-20. RACQ commends the BCC’s investment in active transport, which has seen significant growth in demand since the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic.

BCC has announced a temporary freeze in car parking fees for the remainder of 2020.


We welcome this announcement and believe it will help limit cost of living pressures on motorists utilising BCC parking while supporting businesses in our urban centre.

BCC will continue free off-peak travel for seniors on buses and ferries.


We welcome the continuation of free off-peak travel for seniors on buses and ferries.

No FY 20/21 funding for Open Level Crossing program.

We welcome the Open Level Crossing future contributions; however, we note that funding does not substantially begin until 2022 and beyond and believe this should be fast-tracked.


$1.6 million for Safer Paths to School Program and $2.1 million for Safer Paths for Seniors Program.

We welcome the Safer Schools and Safer Paths for Seniors programs. We are also pleased with the Safe School Travel Infrastructure and SAM’s for Schools programs.

No FY 20/21 funding for Wynnum Road.

We have some concern the Wynnum Road Project funding appears to cease, due to Stage 1 and 1b interim works being complete soon. No other planning or construction money appears to be allocated for future upgrades.


No FY 20/21 funding for Dornoch Terrace.

We note the Dornoch Terrace safety improvement project unfortunately has not received future funding. BCC announced that based on community feedback, it wouldn’t be proceeding with the proposed design including upgraded cycling facilities – however, supported project elements to improve pedestrian connectivity and intersection safety would be considered for funding in the 2020/21 Council budget.