The fight for Cross River Rail continues

The political football game continues over Cross River Rail, with the LNP now refusing to commit funding to the project, unless it gets the help of Canberra.

The Courier Mail has reported the Opposition would not match the State Government’s Budget 5.4 billion dollar pledge to build the second river crossing regardless of Federal funding.

RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner said while RACQ agrees the project warranted federal funding, it did not believe Cross River Rail should continue to be held up by inter-governmental or political buck-passing.

“The State Government’s commitment to fully funding the project means it’s a massive burden on the Budget for years ahead, and in an ideal world RACQ believes it should have been a joint State-Federal project,” Mr Turner said.

Mr Turner said RACQ had long believed that the project must happen to ensure Brisbane’s transport system did not grind to a halt in the years ahead.

“The fact remains Brisbane will need a second river rail crossing in the next decade and this project will take up to seven years to build, so we cannot go through even more years of indecision and government infighting,” Mr Turner said.

Mr Turner said the politics of where infrastructure funding was allocated across the State in the next few years was going to be difficult.

“There is no doubt regional Queensland needs infrastructure funding. The Bruce Highway and the inland highways covered by IQ-RAP will need significant additional funding in the years ahead. However, south east Queensland will need continued investment in roads and rail if it is to maintain its current liveability,” he said.

“We need local, state and federal governments working together, and all sides of politics not to use infrastructure as a political bargaining chip over the next few years.”