Tunnels not for scooters or cyclists

Reckless e-scooter riders have been filmed risking lives riding though Brisbane’s Airportlink tunnel, prompting a reminder from RACQ that tunnels were for cars, motorbikes trucks and buses only.

The Courier Mail further reported 26 cyclists had also been busted in the Clem7 Tunnel since the start of the year, as well 28 cyclists in the Airportlink and five in the Legacy Way while the Lime Scooter riders were filmed last month.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said road rules applied in tunnels too.

“E-scooters shouldn’t be used on roads in the CBD, one-way roads with more than one lane, on roads with dividing lines or median strips or on roads with speed limits above 50km/h in the first place, so it’s extremely disappointing to see riders in the city’s tunnel network,” Ms Ritchie said.

“These are up to 80 km/h zones with narrow shoulders and recommendations to minimise lane changing so having unexpected slower moving vehicles, like scooters, in tunnels is a recipe for disaster.

“It’s up to the user. If you can’t scoot safely and follow the rules, then you shouldn’t be scooting at all.”

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Ms Ritchie said cyclists were also not permitted in tunnels.

“Whether they’ve ended up in the tunnels accidentally or on purpose there’s no excuse. The tunnel entrances are signed, advising that bicycles are prohibited.  This means cyclists need to choose another route,” she said.

Transurban monitors these tunnels 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so if you find yourself in a tunnel by mistake simply stop and move over to edge and tunnel crews will come to your aid.”