Get on board public transport reporting

The State’s peak motoring body has echoed calls for open and transparent data reporting about public transport performance on Brisbane’s bus network.

The Brisbane Times has reported disputes have erupted between Brisbane City Council and the State Government over the release of data on the number of buses missing their stops each month.

RACQ’s Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said Queenslanders had the right to know how their public transport network was performing in the State’s capital.

“When compared with the rest of the country, Queensland publishes very limited performance and reliability information about public transport modes,” Dr Michael said.

“Victoria publishes a daily, monthly, and quarterly performance for its metropolitan trains, trams, and regional trains. New South Wales has monthly performance breakdowns for each bus operator readily available for current and recent years. It also has similar current daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reporting for trains and individual lines in major cities and regional areas.”

Dr Michael said building trust in public transport reliability and performance was critical in encouraging drivers to make the shift to public transport, reducing congestion.

“People use reliability of public transport to inform many decisions in their daily life, including where to live, buy property, work, and schooling,” she said.

“That’s why we’ve been calling for an Integrated Public Transport Authority to deliver Queenslanders seamless services.

“We need to optimise the network, and that begins with understanding the demands and shortfalls on our network, which requires open and transparent data.”