Shocking number of drivers snapping on the road

The State’s peak motoring body has pleaded with drivers to leave the phone alone, after startling new research found one in six young drivers used Snapchat behind the wheel.

Brisbane Times reported a survey by CARRS-Q found 16 percent of motorists aged 17 to 25 in Queensland admitted to using the social media platform when driving.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said it was shocking that young drivers were risking their lives just to share a photo or video.

“Inexperienced drivers are already at an increased risk of being involved in a collision, add into the mix that you’re four times more likely to have a crash if you’re driving and using your phone – it’s a recipe for disaster,” Ms Ritchie said.

“There are three different types of distraction – cognitive, physical and visual – and Snapchatting while driving encompasses all of these. Your mind is off the task, your hands are off the wheel and your eyes are off the road. 

“Distracted driving is just as dangerous as drink driving; no Snapchat filter is worth your life!”

Ms Ritchie urged drivers to ‘set your phone, then leave it alone’, as part of RACQ’s campaign to target distracted driving.

“Take a couple of minutes before you head off to set up your phone with music and maps, then switch it to ‘do not disturb’ mode and don’t touch it for the rest of the trip,” she said

“Remember if you’re a learner or a red p-plater, you’re banned from using a mobile phone altogether while driving, even on loudspeaker.”