Plea to drivers after 15 flood rescues

RACQ was appalled at the number of drivers risking their lives driving through flood waters during last night’s severe storms.

Image: ABC News

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services were called to 15 incidents last night and rescued three motorists from their vehicles in Brisbane and another two on the Gold Coast.

Parts of the south east received more than 190mm of rain overnight which caused flash flooding in a number of suburbs late Monday.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said with more heavy rain and storms forecast across the State today, it was important drivers headed safety warnings.

“We say it time and time again, if it’s flooded, forget it. But as we’ve seen overnight with several people rescued from their cars it seems some drivers aren’t getting the message,” Ms Ritchie said.

“People quickly forget that when they drive through flooded waters they are not only risking their lives and the lives of their passengers, they are risking the lives of our emergency service crews who are called out to rescue them.

“If heavy rain and flash flooding is impacting your area and you don’t need to be out on the roads, the safest place to be is at home.

“During severe weather events, road conditions can change quickly and catch drivers out, so if you do come across a flooded road, don’t risk driving through - it’s just not worth it.”

Ms Ritchie said more than 65 roads across the State were still closed due to long-term and flash flooding.

“While ex-Tropical Cyclone Kimi has been downgraded, there’s still the potential for major flooding in coastal areas between Innisfail and Bowen today and tomorrow,” she said.

“We’re encouraging people both in north Queensland and across the south east to be prepared. Ensure you have enough supplies if you’re isolated by flood waters or if your property is inundated.

“Please don’t travel unnecessarily, if you do need to make sure you check RACQ Road Conditionsbefore you leave to find the safest route and never drive through floodwater.”