RACQ working with Gov to get outcome drivers deserve

Discussions about how to achieve greater fuel price competition and transparency for Queensland drivers have dominated talks between RACQ and the State Government today.

Energy Minister Anthony Lynham and Transport Minister Mark Bailey met with RACQ on Monday in the wake of a weekend where some Brisbane service stations hiked their prices to some of the highest seen in recent years.

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RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said Monday’s discussion was a step in the right direction.

“We’ve had a positive meeting with the State Government and are pleased to be working together to ensure we get the right outcome for Queensland motorists,” Dr Michael said.

“We’re certainly on the same page about the fact that petrol prices are out of control in our State and competition needs to be improved.”

Dr Michael said RACQ would continue to push for a real-time fuel price reporting system which would ensure drivers had transparency of the price of fuel at all Queensland retailers.

“As we work with the State Government, we’ll continue to make the case for the delivery of a real-time fuel price data system – we know this is the right solution for Queensland motorists,” she said.

“Currently, only select retailers provide price information, making it difficult for drivers to know where the cheap locations are.

“A more transparent system will enable drivers to make decisions about which retailers they should give their business to. Not only will this help motorists to save money but it’ll force servos selling at a higher price to lower their bowser costs in order to get customers.”