Use Easter long weekend to set up that nest egg

As Queenslanders prepared to eat their fill of chocolate RACQ Bank has reminded them there was another egg they should consider this Easter.

RACQ Bank spokesperson Clare Hunter said this extra-long weekend was the perfect time to consider their financial circumstances.

“Of course get into the chocolate and family time, but also set aside some moments during the long weekend to think about nurturing the all-important nest egg,” Ms Hunter said.

“You might think it can wait until you’re preparing for retirement but that’s not the case.  From unexpected car expenses, a tax bill or a new hot water system, there are many life moments where a savings pool can come in handy.

“Even quite small nest eggs can help you towards your financial goals and will give you the confidence of feeling in control.”

Ms Hunter said while being financially disciplined was important, it needn’t take the joy out of life.

“Being focused on your financial future will help you in the long run but it shouldn’t make you feel like a hamster on a wheel,” she said.

“You need some space to enjoy yourself without guilt. Our advice is to set aside a mini nest egg with $500 in it to use when the moment strikes, but when you do use it – make sure you replenish it quickly.

“Just like chocolate eggs at Easter, there’s no harm in guilt free indulgence now and then – you just don’t want to overdo it.  You’re much more likely to succeed in the long term when you have a goal in mind which is flexible and allows you to cope with the ebbs and flows of life.”