Want to avoid a parking ticket? Know the rules!

As Brisbane City Council (BCC) prepared to collect millions of dollars in parking fines from drivers, the State’s peak motoring body has reminded motorists to brush up on parking rules.

Brisbane Times has reported BCC advised it expected to issue $3 million worth of parking fines next financial year.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said the best way for drivers to avoid a ticket was to pay attention to signage and be aware of local parking rules and regulations.

“That last thing anyone wants is to come back to their car to see is a parking ticket on the windshield – especially if you thought you were legally parked,” Dr Michael said.

“Many motorists know you’re not allowed to park or stop at a bus stop – but did you know the no stopping zone applies 20 metres before and 10 metres after the bus stop?

“There’s also no parking or stopping within three metres of a post box unless you’re dropping off or picking up passengers or the mail.

“Don’t stop on a bike path, footpath, painted island or nature strip. Parking in these areas will land you a fine.

“It’s also important to remember these are general parking rules across Queensland. If different rules apply locally, council will have a sign directing what you can and can’t do – always follow the parking signage.”

Common rules to keep in mind to avoid fines when parking around your home or suburb:

  • Don’t stop or park on bike paths, footpaths, painted islands, or nature strips including verge parking (unless otherwise signed)
  • You can park on both sides of the road, but you must leave at least three metres of clear roadway between your vehicle and parked vehicles on the other side of the road, or dividing strips, traffic islands or unbroken dividing lines
  • Always remember to check parking signs, time limits, and yellow line markings.

In Brisbane, area-wide parking time limits applied to all parking spaces within Traffic and Parking Control Areas, unless otherwise signed.

For more information on parking rules and how to avoid fines, visit the Queensland Government website or Brisbane City Council website.