RACQ welcomes plan for new CBD bikeways

RACQ has welcomed news Brisbane City Council would install a system of protected, dedicated bikeways throughout the CBD.

Brisbane Times reported Council was designing a ‘citylink cycleway’, a permanent separated bikeway through some CBD streets.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said the Club welcomed the opportunity to work with Council on planning for improved bicycle facilities in Brisbane CBD to improve safety.

“We know that between 2014 and 2018 there were 23 serious injuries to cyclists on the main roads within the Brisbane CBD,” Dr Michael said.

“A connected bicycle network will ensure cyclists can move around the city in a safer road environment.

“Increasing the safety of connections for cyclists from the city to major cycleways and green bridges is also critical in ensuring more people switch to active transport, for the long-term.

“We have long lobbied for separate cycling infrastructure as it is the safest way to reduce crashes for cyclists and motorists.”

Dr Michael called on Council to ensure there was thorough consultation with the community and businesses in the area.

“These cycle lanes have to balance high volumes of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists while also meeting the economic needs of local businesses,” she said.

“These lanes need to be in the right place to provide the best outcomes for all road users.”