Cyclone Resilience Program saving homeowners thousands

RACQ has welcomed reports hundreds of north Queensland families would save money and be safer this storm season if they improved the cyclone resilience of their homes.

The State Government announced it had received applications from 360 north Queensland households for up to $11,250 in funding to upgrade their pre-1984 homes.

RACQ spokesperson Kirsty Clinton said these homeowners could benefit further once works were completed with reduced home insurance premiums.

“These grants will help home owners perform vital prevention and mitigation works to make their homes safer, so they’re less likely to suffer severe damage in wild weather,” Ms Clinton said.

“As well as saving up to $11,250 on the works themselves, homeowners could then save up to 20 percent on the cyclone premium component of their RACQ Home and Contents Insurance.

“The affordability of home insurance in north Queensland has been a concern for many years, and disaster mitigation works can be expensive. We’re glad Queenslanders have access to these grants to get much-needed financial support.

“In the long run, money spent on prevention will be far less than the costs to repair potential damage if these homes were hit by a severe cyclone.”