Beware of dodgy door knockers after hailstorm

RACQ has issued a warning to south east Queensland residents to shut the door on ‘storm chasers’ who would try convince homeowners to sign contracts which might result in them picking up a hefty bill.

After a severe hailstorm slammed the region, it’s expected that Queenslanders would be pitched a deal that was simply too good to be true. 

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said door knockers had consistently canvassed areas affected by major weather events and offered false help to progress insurance claims for often unnecessary roof, vehicle and home repairs. 

“These non-genuine repairers will ask members to sign a contract that allows the third party to contact your insurer,” Ms Ross said.  

“If the claim isn’t accepted because there’s no genuine loss, you might find yourself owing an expensive repair bill to this ‘storm chaser’. 

“It can be appealing to hand over responsibility for repairs during a stressful time, however our insurance and claims teams are here to do this for you and can advise on how to properly apply for a claim.” 

Ms Ross said the ‘storm chasers’ caused significant problems for communities across Queensland whenever a major weather event occurred. 

“The behaviour of these people often results in numerous unnecessary claims which can force home insurance premiums up across a region,” she said.  

“When unnecessary claims are lodged, it won’t just impact the individual member, but members throughout the region.  

“Please be on alert if you’re approached by a ‘storm chaser’ and make sure your family and friends know to always shut the door on deals that seem ‘too good to be true’.”