Get in fast and fuel up: RACQ

RACQ has urged motorists to get in quick and fuel up while cheap petrol was still available across south east Queensland with prices already jumping by as much as 48 cents per litre (cpl) in some parts.

Club spokesperson Renee Smith said fuel companies in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast had hiked their prices, with more than three-quarters charging more than 170cpl for regular unleaded on Tuesday morning.

“In both regions, there’s a difference of almost 50cpl between the cheapest and the most expensive,” Ms Smith said.

“Cheap fuel will disappear quickly, possibly by the end of today, so if you spot a good deal around 140cpl, you should be taking advantage of it now.”

Ms Smith said the variance in prices served as a harsh reminder for drivers to do their research every time the filled the tank.

“In Brisbane, the BP Edinburgh Castle is the most expensive, charging for 176.9cpl, but just down the road at Caltex Woolworths Chermside you can fill up for 129.70cpl.”

“Similarly, on the Gold Coast you can fill up at United Labrador for 129.70cpl, but neighbouring competitors are charging 174.90cpl.

“That’s why it’s worth using apps like RACQ’s Fair Fuel Finder, to try and get the best price available as you really could save hundreds of dollars every year.”