Move over or slow down: time for law

RACQ has called on the State Government to honour its election promise and investigate new laws which required motorists to move over or slow down at crashes, breakdowns and roadside incidents.

Club spokesperson Paul Turner urged the State’s leaders to waste no time and get to work on the law which would protect the lives of first responders including RACQ’s Traffic Response Officers.

“It’s National Road Safety Week (NRSW) which has strong affiliations with roadside incident crews and the vulnerable and stranded drivers they work to protect so now is the perfect time to put words into action,” Mr Turner said. 

“SARAH Group, which started the Yellow Ribbon NRSW, was created after Sarah Frazer died when her broken down car and the tow-truck driver who was helping her were struck by a truck traveling too close.

“During the campaign, Labor promised to investigate new laws to stop this happening in Queensland, and we are imploring the Government not to wait for another tragedy to strike.” 

Mr Turner said if motorists gave more space when they came across these roadside incidents, they would better protect emergency services, RACQ traffic response officers and tow truck drivers, and its members. 

“It’s about moving over first - we want motorists to provide as much space as possible when passing vulnerable motorists at incidents, and those who are there to help them. If it isn’t possible to move over, then slow down when passing,” he said. 

“These crews are working in highspeed, dangerous environments, often with vehicles flying past at 100 kilometres per hour just centimetres away

“Despite all the safety training they have, their lives land in the hands of those passing motorists and one wrong move could end in tragedy.

“The further away passing vehicles are, the less likely they’ll hit people at the incident. It’s that simple.

“We urge the State Government to investigate legislation as promised because it’s crucial we do everything we can to protect those doing their jobs helping stranded and vulnerable road users across Queensland.”