Politics getting in way of petrol price relief: RACQ

RACQ has called on the State Government to quit playing politics and urged it to implement a real-time petrol price data system which would help combat the outrageous fuel prices south east Queensland drivers copped at the bowser.

As 25 percent of Brisbane’s service stations hiked their unleaded prices to a whopping 156.9 cents per litre, RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said the Queensland Government needed to step in and do something to ease the hip pocket pain of motorists.

“In the past week, we’ve seen prices in parts of our State jump to some of the highest prices observed in years – it’s outrageous and we’re again calling for action from the Queensland Government,” Ms Smith said.

“We’ll keep pushing for a transparent real-time petrol price data system – it’s going to be critical in helping give drivers the information they need to support the retailers doing the right thing and charging the lowest prices, and to punish those ripping us off.

“The issue is, currently, only select retailers provide price information, making it difficult for drivers to know where the cheap locations are.

“A transparent system will enable drivers to make decisions about which retailers they should give their business to. Not only will this help motorists to save money, it’ll force servos selling at a higher price to lower their bowser costs in order to get customers.”

Ms Smith said it was likely drivers in the south east would continue to pay a high price for fuel in the coming weeks.

“We’re in the price hike phase of the south east Queensland price cycle, so unfortunately, we expect the average to keep going up in the days to come as we move into the expensive phase,” she said.

“We’ll know by early to mid-next week if any price records will be broken – but, unfortunately, at the rate we’re going, it’s not looking good.”