Clock is running out – dodgy towies likely to pounce now

The State’s peak motoring has warned its members to be extra vigilant where they park while an investigation into the towing industry is carried out.

The advice followed Minister for Main Roads Mark Bailey’s announcement retired District Court Judge Michael Forde would lead the independent three-month investigation.

RACQ’s Paul Turner said while towing matters were being examined, rogue companies may look to take advantage before any action was taken.

“We’re calling on all our members to ensure where they’re parking is legal, giving cowboy tow truckers no opportunity to tow your vehicle,” Mr Turner said.

“We anticipate while the investigation take place, rogue companies will look to make hay while the sun shines and double their efforts in a bid to make money before any potential legislative changes come into effect.

“Much of the signage around tow away signs is small and badly placed to try and entrap motorists.

“The safety of motorists is the number one priority and we can’t have situations where people are left vulnerable and stranded.

“We urge our members to always check signage and follow any instructions and if they have any doubts at all, park elsewhere.”

RACQ supported changes to the laws around towing from private property to cap the extortionate fees and fines being charged, increase and improve visibility of signage and work to restrict people being left stranded late at night if their car is towed.

The State Government has also called on Queenslanders treated unfairly by tow truck companies to share their stories by calling a new hotline on: 1800 681 636.