Parking rules confusing motorists

A parking quiz posted on RACQ’s Facebook page has left many drivers confused about the rules when it came to parking legally.

The quiz depicted seven cars parked in either driveways, garages or on the street, and asked users to choose how many cars were parked legally in a multiple response answer, where the options were one, two, three or four vehicles.

The post attracted more than 300 comments and the responses were varied, with many having their say, and some failing to guess the correct answer.

One user said: “Red is not parked parallel. Blue is parked partially on the footpath. White may be parked too far into the roadway.”

“Vehicles parking too close to a driveway or street are not policed enough,” said another.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said motorists should always park legally and safely to protect all road users.

“Rules and road markings are there for a reason and it’s important motorists respect them,” Ms Ross said.

“Motorists cannot park on a yellow line, nature strip or block footpaths or driveways.

“The answer to the quiz is only three vehicles are parked legally in the image depicted, the red car in the driveway, the silver car and the black car.”

Ms Ross said quizzes posted to RACQ’s Facebook page were some of the most popular with members and Queensland drivers, with many motorists keen to test their knowledge of the road rules and learn something new.

“It’s a great reminder about what is allowed and what isn’t, particularly when it comes to rules we might not come across very often.”