Sunshine Coast residents lock up your cars

RACQ has warned Sunshine Coast residents to beware of car thieves, after it was revealed an average of four cars were being stolen in the region every day.

Sunshine Coast Daily reported more than 1,650 cars were stolen in the region between June 2018 and May 2019.

RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said the shocking figures served as a timely reminder for motorists to properly secure their vehicles.

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“We’d urge people to be vigilant with their security measures, treating their keys like cash and keeping them on their person whenever possible,” Ms Hunter said.

“Now that it’s a bit cooler, don’t be tempted to start your car to warm it up and then go back inside, as many cars are stolen by opportunistic thieves. It’s also best not to leave your keys anywhere thieves can see them in the house, because we know cars are often stolen when houses are broken into.

“Lock-up garages and driveways are a better option than parking on the street, and when in parking lots, aim for well-lit areas near foot traffic and always try to make sure there are security cameras nearby.”