RACQ Bank warns Queenslanders to swipe with caution on Afterpay Day

RACQ Bank urged shoppers to play it safe as buy now, pay later sales flooded stores across the State.

RACQ Bank spokesperson Lucinda Ross said the short campaign timeframe and tempting deals could mean many Queenslanders end the day out of pocket.

“It’s so easy to get swept up in these fire-style sale campaigns and to spend far more than you can really afford,” Ms Ross said.

“If you’re finding excuses to overspend or use a buy now, pay later lender to justify the dip into your savings, stop now and take a step back from the keyboard.

“Take a breath and make sure today’s purchase isn’t robbing you of tomorrow’s goals.”

Ms Ross said shoppers needed to think about whether a new piece of clothing, homewares or stationery would really deliver value in the long-term.

“Spending is always a choice, so you need to consider whether that shiny, new piece on sale is really worth giving up money you might need in the future,” she said.

“We’re living in really challenging economic times, and it’s human to want that instant ‘feel-good’ reward that comes with buying something new.

"Make sure you’re not going to end the day with shoppers’ remorse and stick to your budget.”

For more information on managing spending, visit RACQ’s Financial Wellbeing Hub