More on-road cops needed to reduce the road toll

With hundreds of lives lost on Queensland roads every year, RACQ has called on political parties to commit to investment in a greater on-road police presence to encourage safer driver behaviour.

Ahead of the State election, the motoring body said more visible police enforcement was needed to help combat the Fatal Five and reduce the number of road related deaths and injuries. 

RACQ’s Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said while the organisation encouraged adoption of new technologies to combat bad driving, physical police presence was a proven tactic to bring about behavioural change.

“We know fixed speed cameras, point-to-point cameras and number plate recognition devices are being used by police but we need to make sure they don’t come at a cost of officers at the roadside,” Dr Michael said.

A survey of RACQ members found most believed increasing the number of police on the roads was the best way to make roads safer. It was also considered the most effective enforcement method for slowing drivers down as it was less likely to be viewed as a revenue raiser.

Dr Michael said the Club appreciated police were doing their best to protect Queenslanders, but needed State Government support to achieve the best outcomes for the community.

“We need to see the elected Government put more resources into Queensland’s Road Policing Command,” she said.

“In an ideal world, we’d see the number of police officers assigned to Road Policing increase by five percent every year to better protect, educate and inform motorists.

“Already this year we’ve lost 220 motorists on Queensland roads. That’s 220 people who won’t be around for Christmas and 220 families who are suffering.

“We need to get the road toll down to zero. Having a more visible on-road police presence will help encourage motorists to do the right thing behind the wheel.”