If your car's flooded forget it

In the wake of severe wet weather across south east Queensland, RACQ has warned motorists about the dangers of driving flood-damaged vehicles.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said the Club had received around 94 claims for flood affected vehicles since the weekend and urged owners to resist the temptation to try and start them.

“While modern cars can handle a wide range of conditions, if water has reached the lower levels of the doors, they should not be driven,” Ms Ross said.

“If your car’s been flooded, it’s best you get a mechanic to check it over.

“If water has reached the engine bay, it’s incredibly important you don’t start the vehicle. Water in engines and transmissions could quickly become an expensive problem.

“Water entry to the cabin area can also impact electrical systems and lead to erratic operation or complete failure.”

Ms Ross said even if only minor flooding occurred, it was also important to check for debris under the vehicle.

“It’s possible debris could become trapped in mechanical components or lead to clogging of cooling systems and overheating,” she said.

“Before using the vehicle again, it’s also a good idea to drain and replace all contaminated fuels, oils and fluids to minimise damage.”

Queenslanders who needed to make a claim should visit RACQ’s website or call 13 72 02.