Federal government must rule out banning regular unleaded petrol

Motorists could be forced to pay much more for fuel if the Federal Government pushes ahead with a controversial plan to ban unleaded fuel in a bid to reduce vehicle emissions by 2020.

The Australian Automobile Association (AAA), which represents motoring clubs including RACQ, has raised serious concerns about the Government’s plans to remove the choice to have 91 octane fuel at the bowser.

AAA chief executive Michael Bradley said the proposal to rush implementation of new fuel standards could also see Australian households face a fuel price shock.

“AAA supports the Government’s objective of delivering cleaner cars and cleaner air, but Australian consumers won’t thank the Government for a scheme that makes cars and petrol cost more than they should, but fails to deliver benefit for our environment,” Mr Bradley said.

RACQ’s Renee Smith said the Government must rule out banning regular unleaded fuel – the country’s most popular and cheapest unblended fuel.

“If it goes ahead with this plan motorists will be forced to buy premium costing them more at the bowser,” Ms Smith said.

“We strongly believe consumers deserve choice and these plans would force Queensland families to unnecessarily pay more.”

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