Out with the old: MG reveals fresh new badge

Badges are at the heart of every motor vehicle and change is on the horizon for British car maker MG, with the company set to make the biggest design shakeup to its unique badge since it was founded in 1924.

At the unveiling of the E-motion electric sports car concept at the Shanghai Motor Show, the new badge identity was revealed.

Stuff has reported the traditional octagonal logo would be replaced by a stylised round badge as part of a ‘new design language’ that would span across the SUV and hatchback range in the coming years.

Speaking to Drive.com, the Chief Designer for MG’s parent company Shao Jingfeng, said he expected backlash from traditional owners and he wanted to “make a little test with this car.”

“It is so difficult to use this [old badge] into our design, because it looks like a big nose. It is too pointy. It has too many angles that it doesn’t fit with this new style,” Mr Jingfeng said.

“I don’t want our cars to look angry with this badge, I want to make it look more like a friend.”

Photo: Stuff.co.nz

“They may as well change the badge, in keeping with the contrasting direction the company is going to that of old,” RACQ motoring editor Barry Green said.

“The new MGs have absolutely nothing in common with the traditional British MG brand.”