Shoppers beware: plan now to avoid 'Click Frenzy' fail

Queenslander’s have been urged to take caution when online shopping, as May’s ‘Click Frenzy’ fast approached.

The annual online shopping event led to more than five million visits to retailer websites in 2020, with participating retailers reporting significant increases in sales. 

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said sales like this were a great way to get a bargain, but warned shoppers should be cautious to avoid getting caught in a scam.    

“Some scam sites may try to leverage the excitement around online shopping at this time, so be careful about which sites you’re buying from,” Ms Ross said.  

“We’ve heard reports from members recently who’ve been targeted by online shopping cons where scammers pretend to be real online shops, either with a fake website, or a fake ad on a genuine retail site. 

“Fake online shopping sites will often request unusual payment methods such as upfront payment via money order, wire transfer, international funds transfer or gift cards.”

Ms Ross also warned research was key to getting a real bargain. 

“If there’s something you need to buy, then getting it on sale is always a good thing,” she said. 

“However, be careful you’re not spending simply because you’re caught up in the hype of the event.

“Plan ahead and do your research now on any large purchases you’d like to make. Look at what the item is selling for on all different sites and in stores, factoring in things like postage. When you know the best deal you could get normally, only then can you truly know if you’re getting a good price during the frenzy.” 

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