Road closures in Central and North Qld due to flooding

RACQ has warned motorists to exercise caution today, with torrential rain forcing the closure of numerous roads.

The Club said it was vital motorists checked road conditions before getting in the car.

RACQ’s Renee Smith said roads would be more dangerous than usual with rain falling on areas already affected by Ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie.

“We’re urging everyone to be extremely careful on the roads as we’ve seen a vast amount of rain fall in a short period,” Ms Smith said.

“There are roads in CQ and NQ that will still be suffering from post-cyclone damage and it’s very important that all precautions are taken.

“As always, if it’s flooded forget it, heading out onto road that has floodwater on it is simply not worth the risk.

“Anyone planning on travelling to or from CQ in the coming days should check RACQ’s road conditions website before hitting the road.”

Current road closures:

  • Winton Jundah Road, Opalton / Stonehenge
  • Gregory Developmental Rd Bridge, Einasleigh
  • Ayr Ravenswood Road, Mulgrave / Ravenswood
  • Marian Eton Road, Eton / North Eton
  • Woodstock Giru Road, Shirbourne / Woodstock
  • Burke Developmental Road, Howitt / Maramie
  • Bowen Developmental Road, Newlands
  • Kyabra Road, Eromanga
  • Isisford Bimerah Road, Isisford / Stonehenge
  • Bimerah Yaraka Road / Yaraka Bimerah Road, Isisford / Stonehenge
  • Jundah Road, Jundah
  • Kowari Gorge Road, Finch Hatton
  • Golf Links Road, Beaconsfield
  • Hicks Road, Glenella
  • Bowen Street, Nebo / Strathfield
  • Lihs Road, Euramo / Murrigal

Current warnings for water over the road:

  • Burdekin Falls Dam Road, Ravenswood
  • Woodstock Giru Road, Giru / Woodstock
  • Winton Jundah Road, Opalton
  • Yaraka Retreat Road, Isisford / Jundah
  • Diamantina Developmental Road, Windorah
  • Burdekin Falls Dam Road, Ravenswood
  • Bruce Highway, Horseshoe Lagoon / Mount Surround
  • Barcaldine Isisford Road, Barcaldine
  • Unnamed Road / Urandangi South Road, Dajarra / Waverley
  • Birdsville Track (Eyre Developmental Road), Birdsville