South east Queensland set for severe storms

Severe weather season is set to kick off this weekend in the south east corner.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said meteorologists had forecast the weather would take a turn on Thursday and storms could hit the region over the coming days.

“In parts of Brisbane we’re already starting to see a shift as the clouds roll over and easterly winds pick up,” Ms Ross said.

“But, with temperatures set to remain in the low 30s, we’re told to expect to see a severe thunderstorm or two across the weekend.

“Along with heavy rainfall, we could also see strong winds and intense storm activity.”

Ms Ross said the forecast was a timely reminder for Queenslanders to take storm preparation seriously.

“Take these warnings as an opportunity to double check your place is well-prepared for if a storm hits. Make sure you trim back overhanging branches, secure loose outdoor items and clear out the gutters – it sounds simple, but these steps can really reduce the extent of any potential damage in a storm,” she said.

“If you haven’t packed your emergency kit, get started today. Make sure you’ve got some supplies of food, water and important medication, as well as a battery pack or radio to stay tuned to any advice from the authorities.

“Don’t get complacent this storm season, make sure you, your family and your home are prepared.”

For more information about preparing for storm season, visit RACQ’s Severe Weather Hub.