Fuel price rise hits SEQ families in hip pocket

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said the majority of Brisbane’s service stations were now priced at 149.9 cents per litre (cpl).

“We’re in the most expensive phase of the south east Queensland petrol price cycle – and in recent days we’ve seen prices hike significantly,” Ms Smith said.

“Our message to drivers is, if you can, avoid filling the tank.”

Ms Smith said Coles and BP had been the first service stations to hike their prices last week and these retailers were consistently some of the worst offenders.

“Unfortunately, Coles and BP are often the first to hike and often up their prices to the highest price,” she said.

“We’re urging motorists to avoid these servos because, time and time again, they’re ripping us off.”

Ms Smith said drivers should hold off on filling up as prices would fall in coming weeks.

“While it’s frustrating to see prices as high as they are, the beauty of the petrol price cycle is drivers can fill up in the cheap phase and save considerably,” she said.

“If you hold off a few weeks you’ll save yourself 20-30cpl.”

Ms Smith said RACQ would continue to lobby the State Government for real-time petrol price transparency which would give drivers information they needed to be informed at the bowser.

For up-to-date information on the price of fuel in your area, visit RACQ’s Fair Fuel website.