Man trapped under ATV lucky to be alive

A man, who suffered severe leg injuries after he was pinned under his rolled all-terrain-vehicle (ATV) has been airlifted to hospital by the RACQ CQ Rescue helicopter.

The incident, which occurred late Saturday afternoon at a Eungella property, saw the 51 year old man’s elderly father walk for an hour through rugged bushland to alert authorities his son was trapped under the off-road vehicle.

RACQ CQ Rescue was tasked and given the exact co-ordinates of the accident scene and was able to land in a grassy clearing within 500 metres of the crash site.

The doctor, Critical Care Paramedic and rescue crewman on board the aircraft then walked through dense bushland and long grass to the gully where the crash had occurred, assisted by a neighbouring farmer with his ATV, and were able to free the man from the overturned vehicle.

The medical crew determined quickly that moving the man, who had suffered a serious compound fracture of the leg, back through the thick scrub and long grass on a stretcher would take significant time and cause the patient great discomfort.

The crew used a winch to lift the man on a stretcher and into the helicopter before landing the aircraft again shortly after so the onboard medical team could treat the patient.

RACQ CQ Rescue later transported the patient to Mackay Base Hospital in a stable condition.