New number plates for Queenslanders

Queensland number plates would be changing after the State ran out of number and letter combinations, according to RACQ.

Club spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said the new plates would feature a combination of three numbers followed by two letters and a number (000-AA0).   

“This series will provide more than 16 million new combinations and is expected to appear on Queensland vehicles for at least the next 25 years,” Ms Ritchie said.

“As the new series progresses, the number at the end will cascade back through the letters so it will firstly move to between the letters (123-A2A) and then, when this series is exhausted, the number will move again to the start of the last three characters (123-2AA).”

Ms Ritchie said Queensland number plates were first introduced in 1921 and the current series started in 1977.

“Apart from a colour change back in 2001 to maroon text, the current series remains largely unchanged,” she said.

“The difference between the current and new plates is extremely subtle and the good news is it will come at no extra cost to Queenslanders in terms of production.

The community can nominate a local hero to receive the first new-look plates.”

More information on how to nominate a recipient could be found here.