New change to how you pay your way

RACQ has welcomed a move towards allowing commuters to pay for their public transport trips using their mobile phone, payWave, smartwatch and Fitbit.

Brisbane Times reported TransLink had opened a series of express gates at Brisbane's Central Station as part of a technology trial to support the State's future smart ticketing system.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said the trial put Queensland in the ‘fast lane’ to providing easier and more accessible ways for people to travel on buses and trains.

“How we get to school, work, play and back home again forms a big a part of our daily life, and anything that helps improve it should be applauded,” Ms Smith said.

“The express gates will help get people on and off public transport faster and easier and will help operators learn more about the requirements of the new smart ticketing system being rolled out in 2022. 

“As part of the future system, commuters will be able to pay their way more flexibly using methods that work for them, which will also make it easier for our interstate and international visitors to get around.

“We encourage public transport users to test out the new express lane technology on offer over the coming month.”

Ms Smith said the Club was pleased traditional payment options like cash and GoCard would remain available as the smart ticketing system was implemented, but hoped GoCard discounts and bundling would still apply.

“These incentives help make it more affordable for people to catch public transport and also encourages them to do so,” she said.

“There are also broader benefits to getting more people out of their cars and onto buses and trains – it helps ease congestion, so we spend less time stuck in traffic and more time with our families.”