RACQ Foundation brings relief to Cloncurry farmers

Farmers impacted by recent natural disasters in Cloncurry would receive a helping hand from RACQ Foundation volunteers this week, as a convoy of volunteers descended on the town.

RACQ Foundation spokesperson Renee Smith said a team of 30 RACQ Foundation volunteers, including five carpenters, would assist seven local families across 10 stations in the region.

"They’re on hand to rebuild fences, paint sheds and homes, fix weatherboards and flooring, and get machinery back up and running,” she said.

“Families will also receive vouchers to spend in town to help ease some of the financial burden while putting money back into the local economy.”

Ms Smith said years of drought followed by devastating floods had taken its toll on the region.

“This area has been in drought for six years and farmers have struggled to make ends meet, while hoping for rain and trying to keep their stock alive,” Ms Smith said. 

“Sadly, when the rain came, it brought a one in one thousand year flood which caused widespread destruction. Homes and properties were damaged and many farmers lost entire herds of cattle.

"The locals we're meeting are incredibly resilient people and we’re proud to be playing a small part in getting them back on their feet."

It was RACQ Foundation’s second Community Assistance Project delivered in north west Queensland this year, with support provided to farmers in nearby Julia Creek in August.


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