Plan your drop off ahead of ‘back to school’ time: RACQ

The State’s peak motoring body has urged parents and caregivers to be mindful about where they parked during drop off and pick-up times when school returned next week.

RACQ Head of Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding said parents should only park in safe locations to avoid causing a crash risk.

“We need to use good judgement when we’re dropping children at school, because the little ones don’t have the same road safety skills as adults and they may not realise they’re in danger,” Mr Spalding said.

“Bad parking can lead to blind spots which means passing drivers have less ability to scan for children, and therefore less time to react and safely stop. It also means those who step out onto the road to cross may have their vision blocked by an incorrectly parked car.”

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Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk today announced Brisbane City Council would be stepping up its support of around congested local schools and pledged $1.3 million to the project.

“Since the program launched in 2009, close to 50 Brisbane schools have benefitted from infrastructure improvements such as pedestrian crossings, footpaths and improved signage following the completion of their traffic plan,” Cr Quirk said.

Mr Spalding said the Club supported safer infrastructure around schools.

“We need to ensure there are safe and practical stopping places around schools which can reduce the tendency to stop in dangerous locations.”