Follow the rules for a safe scoot: RACQ

Shocking new statistics have revealed the number of people seriously injured on e-scooters in Brisbane in the last year, prompting a warning from the State’s peak motoring body.

The Courier Mail reported 450 people had presented to Brisbane-based emergency departments following incidents on Lime scooters in the 12 months to October this year – almost 30 percent more than originally thought.

RACQ Head of Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding said incidents involving e-scooters were often able to be avoided if the rider operated them safely.

“Riders need to use them responsibly, stick to the rules and share the footpath safely with pedestrians,” Mr Spalding said.

“Taking steps to protect yourself when riding an e-scooter is also incredibly important. It’s illegal not to wear a helmet and in a crash scenario it could save your life.

“It’s also crucial riders don’t ‘double up’ as e-scooters are only designed for one person, and the extra weight can also increase the risk of losing control and seriously injuring someone.”

Mr Spalding also urged users to adhere to the speed limits in place and called for greater enforcement by authorities.

“Part of making e-scooters safer is ensuring riders stick to the speed limit,” he said.

“As with any vehicle, if you’re going too fast, the risk of not being able to slow down to avoid and incident increases and the outcome of that can be serious.

“We’re calling on stricter enforcement by police and the State Government to make sure people follow the rules because safer use will cut down the risk of injuries for everyone.”