Make your pet's stay-cation pawsitive: RACQ

More than half of Queensland pet owners have admitted they would leave their fur baby at home in the care of a sitter, friend, family member or neighbour over the Christmas break.

While it can be tricky to find pet-friendly accommodation and some pets weren’t suited to lengthy travel, it’s important pet owners took steps to make sure their animal’s ‘staycation’ went well. 

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said there were plenty of ways pet owners could keep their pet happy and safe during the holiday season. 

“More than 45 percent of Queenslanders who don’t take their pets on holidays leave them with a sitter at home, while just 18 percent place their pet in a pet motel,” Ms Ross said.

“Keeping your pet in a familiar environment can be more affordable than a pet motel, but it’s important your sitter understands your pet’s needs.”

In a concerning trend, Ms Ross said 37 percent of pet-owners would nominate a friend, family member or neighbour to just check in on their pet. 

“While every pet’s needs are different, it’s important you aren’t disrupting their normal routine too much when you go on holiday,” she said.

“If your pet is used to someone being home often, the change in routine could cause unwanted and destructive behaviours.”

RACQ’s tips to keep your pet safe if it’s home alone these holidays:

  1. Let your neighbours know who will be taking care of your pet while you’re away, and pass on your vet’s details in case of emergency 
  2. Make sure your pet has access to plenty of toys and other stimulating activities to stop them from getting bored and destructive 
  3. Brief your pet’s carer on how much food, water, exercise and affection your furry friend needs.