Stay safe and avoid walking near busy roads

RACQ has warned Queenslanders of the dangers of walking along busy roads and highways following a fatal hit and near Toowoomba on Thursday evening.

The Courier Mail reported an 18 year old man was struck by a car while walking along the New England Highway at Cabarlah last night.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie reminded those who found themselves stranded on a high speed road of the precautions they needed to take to stay safe.

“We can’t stress enough how dangerous high speed roads can be for pedestrians. It’s not a safe place to be walking, or standing nearby,” Ms Ritchie said. 

“If your vehicle has broken down on a high speed road, the safest thing to do is put your hazard lights on to let other road users know something is wrong.

“Move your vehicle away from traffic, if possible, and get out of the car and get behind a physical barrier if it is safe to do so. If you can’t, stay inside your car with your seatbelt on.”

Ahead of the Australia Day long weekend, Ms Ritchie urged revellers to have a plan B in place if they intended to have a few drinks.

“Since 2013, alcohol has contributed to 27 pedestrian deaths in Queensland,” she said. 

“Organise a lift or alternatively call a taxi or ride-share service. Never put your life at risk to save a few dollars.”