Road safety experts issue plea for urgent action

RACQ has joined road safety experts who had slammed the Federal Government for its inaction on the National Road Safety Strategy.

University of Adelaide’s Centre for Automotive Safety Research Director, Professor Jeremy Woolley, and Liverpool Hospital Trauma Surgeon Doctor John Crozier said serious and fatal crashes continued to occur while the Government delayed its response to an inquiry into the strategy.

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“That six-month delay is costing us 600 lives – and the clock is ticking. We came into this inquiry with the strong belief that the Government was taking this issue seriously and was seeking to make a considerable step-change in its approach,” Professor Wooley said.

“Each day I see the constant admissions to our major hospitals, that constant drip of seriously injured victims following road injury. The delay is killing us,” Dr Crozier said.

RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner said the Club shared these concerns and continued to advocate for change on Queensland roads.

“At this rate, we’re not on track to meet the strategy targets, which all State and Territory Governments agreed to in 2011. Now, more than ever, we need all tiers of government to start working together and invest in the safety of road users,” Mr Turner said.

“In Queensland, we have the largest local and State-controlled road network in the country, and the biggest share in the national highway network, so it’s critical that a dedicated road safety fund and national road safety entity are established to deliver a mass action program of low-cost high-benefit safety treatments.”

It came as RACQ launched its Queensland Matters blueprint which formed the basis of road safety priorities ahead of the 2019 Federal Election.