Pop-up bike lanes during COVID; RACQ not in favour

RACQ has urged the Government to consider alternatives in response to an interstate idea to convert one lane of arterial roads into cycling lanes to help cyclists maintain social distancing in Queensland and instead opt for accelerating bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure projects.

Adelaide Now reported bike safety groups in South Australia had called for at least one lane on arterial roads to be turned over to cyclists during the global health crisis. 

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said while the Club did not see the need for pop-up bicycle lanes in Queensland at this time, a range of measures should be considered for when we see people starting to return to work under the COVID-safe economy.

“We’d support local councils and the State Government increasing investment and accelerating planned projects to upgrade and build new footpaths and cycling infrastructure to support those making the shift to active transport,” Dr Michael said.

“Measures across all modes will be needed to support safe commuting in the coming months.

“On all public transport services and stations there will need to be hand sanitiser, continuation of increased cleaning and lower caps on passenger numbers to ensure 1.5m distance can be maintained.

“We’d also like to see consideration of staggered work from home days continued to limit the total number of commuters.”

Dr Michael said public messaging to promote the safety of public and active transport would also be needed, to encourage commuters to use these options rather than their car. 

“We want commuters to feel comfortable transitioning back to work and public transport use, we don’t want to see a behaviour change which leads to worsened congestion on our roads.”