Toll road inquiry: drivers call for cheaper prices, discounts

RACQ has echoed the calls of many drivers who entered submissions into Queensland’s toll road parliamentary inquiry, arguing toll prices needed to be cheaper and discounts considered.

Brisbane Times reported motorists had called for the inquiry to implement lower toll prices across the board, and discounts for regular users and pensioners.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said the submissions reiterated RACQ’s calls for toll fee bundling and incentive options.

“We know transport affordability is a huge issue in Queensland – we have some of the highest transport costs in the country,” Dr Michael said.

“In fact, Brisbane is the most expensive capital city in Australia to get around, when transport costs are analysed as a percentage of income.

“So it’s certainly not surprising drivers want to get value for money when using toll roads and that’s why we’ve been calling for discounts and bundling options to be considered on all Queensland toll roads.”

Dr Michael said if toll road operators delivered more value for drivers, patronage could increase and in turn congestion on the broader network could be reduced.

“Clem7 had about 64,000 vehicles daily on opening when the tunnel was free, but dropped to around 28,000 vehicles a day when the toll began. Similarly, AirportLinkM7 had around 80,000 vehicles daily when it was toll free and then traffic almost halved when tolls were introduced.”

RACQ would enter its own submission on behalf of its 1.7 million members when the inquiry continued in August.