‘The longer we delay…the more it will cost’: RACQ backs CRR

RACQ has renewed its support for the Cross River Rail project, following the public release the latest business case today.

Building Queensland has updated the initial business case and has forecast an improved benefit cost ratio, through lower fares, a better signalling system and refined population growth figures.

The project was now set to deliver $1.41 for every dollar invested, up from $1.21.

The Labor Government has already committed to fully funding the $5.4billion project connecting Dutton Park to Bowen Hills.

RACQ’s Paul Turner said it was important construction on the project began sooner rather than later.

“The longer we delay the building of Cross River Rail, the more it will cost,” Mr Turner said.

“Growth in public transport use will be stifled until CRR is open. With construction expected to take seven years, we can’t wait until there is a significant problem with train capacity to start the project – we need to begin now.

“There are other advantages to the Cross River Rail project including additional tracks on the existing network through the city and overall helping to improve the uptake of rail transportation, as a result of four new underground stations.”