Queenslanders urged to prepare for storms

Queenslanders have been urged to act now to prepare for this year’s storm season as new RACQ data revealed much of the State was not ready for potential wild weather.

RACQ spokesperson Kirsty Clinton said a recent survey found 70 percent of Queenslanders had not considered an emergency plan ahead of potentially devastating storms.

“The last decade has really proven how unpredictable and brutal Queensland weather can be and we’re disappointed so many Queenslanders haven’t taken action,” Ms Clinton said.

“Now’s the time to prepare your emergency kit and emergency plan ahead of summer – once a storm is bearing down on you, it’s too late.

“Set up an emergency kit or if you’ve got one already, check the contents are still in date and put it somewhere easy to access in an emergency.

“Then have a quick chat to your family to decide where you will go in an emergency, who will pick up the kids, pets, the emergency kit and make sure everyone is aware of the plan. It’s that easy.”

Ms Clinton said the survey revealed three quarters of respondents planned to take steps to prepare their homes and property.

“It’s great to see many people plan to clean gutters, trim back trees, secure outdoor items and check the condition of their roof – but they need to do this now,” she said.

“Good intentions are wonderful, but if you don’t do it soon, it could be too late.”

RACQ recommended an emergency kit contain:

  • A torch, battery powered radio and spare batteries
  • Bottled water, non-perishable food and a can opener
  • First aid kit and any essential medication
  • Candles and matches
  • A portable mobile phone charger – fully charged
  • Special items for babies – formula, baby food, nappies
  • Special items for pets – pet food, lead
  • A copy of your insurance documents
  • A list of important emergency contact numbers
  • Cash
  • Books or toys for children
  • Warm clothing
  • Personal hygiene items.

Store all items in a waterproof box in an easy to access location.