Frequent and reliable transport needed to bust airport congestion

More cars were tipped to travel to and from Brisbane’s airport than in the CBD in the next five years, prompting new calls from RACQ for more coordinated planning and delivery by governments.

The Courier Mail reported more than 100,000 car movements were made at Brisbane Airport each day, with the number expected to rise once the new runway opened in mid-2020.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said staff and passengers needed better options to get to and from the airport, to help spread the load and ensure the airport operated successfully for years to come.

“Any future public transport options need to be reliable, frequent and priced to compete with driving and parking, or rideshare,” Ms Smith said.

“Buses, trains, shuttles and active transport are all alternatives which could be considered to get people out of their own personal cars and help reduce congestion.”

Ms Smith said the Club called on the State Government and Brisbane City Council to work together to deliver the Brisbane Metro project to the airport, before providing alternative connection options to the airport.

“We know congestion is only going to get worse and planning for the future now is critical,” she said. 

“Improving transport and making it easier for people to get around will make Brisbane a more attractive city to travellers and allow the city to grow even further.”