Green light quiz sparks social media controversy

The State’s peak motoring body has set the record straight about the rules for turning on green signals after a quiz question sparked debate on social media.

RACQ posted a true or false-style quiz to its Facebook page which showed an intersection where the traffic lights had just turned green and no turning arrow signals were in place.

The Facebook community was asked whether the red car needed to stay behind the stop line until the blue and yellow cars had passed through the intersection, before it could turn.

One user commented: “True! Failed my first driving test and near gave the tester a heart attack creeping forward at an intersection like this.”

“False. Red car being the first in line must move to the centre of the road. If the light turns red he’s is entitled to complete his right turn. This keeps the traffic flowing,” another said.

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“Looking at this intersection, there is not much room to creep forward a bit I would stay behind the line so I say true,” said another user.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said the Club gave users the opportunity to respond before it revealed the correct answer.

“The red car can enter the intersection on a green circle signal, so in this scenario, the correct answer is ‘false’,” she said.

“If the light changes to yellow or red after the vehicles passes the stop line, the driver must leave the intersection as soon as the driver can do so safely.

“This type of movement, where there are no turning arrow signals and vehicles make a turn on a green circle light is called a ‘filter turn’ – because drivers can give way and filter through gaps in oncoming traffic. It’s a common scenario at intersections right across Queensland but one that can cause some confusion.

“Our quizzes are designed to be a fun and educational way for motorists to refresh their knowledge of the road rules – and this one was no exception.”

Queenslanders were encouraged to visit RACQ’s Facebook page to participate in its quizzes.