RACQ warns 'hit and run' drivers will be caught

Drivers who leave the scene of a crash without providing proper details have been warned their bad behaviour would not go unnoticed.

As reported in the Gold Coast Bulletin, RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said perpetrators were often identified by drivers, insurers and police.

“There’s really nowhere to hide for drivers who fail to provide their details at a crash,” Ms Smith said.

“With the rise of CCTV and traffic cameras, as well as dash-cams, we’re seeing perpetrators caught and they’ll face far more serious consequences with police than if they had simply stopped to exchange details.

“Leaving the scene of a traffic crash without stopping or providing your details to relevant parties is an offence, and the punishment could outweigh the costs of going through your insurance company or paying an excess.”

Ms Smith said there were a few simple things drivers could do if they became a victim of a ‘hit and run’ perpetrator.

“Once you’ve pulled over to a safe location, try and record any details about the vehicle that you can remember. The make, model, colour or any unique feature of the vehicle can really help police,” she said.

“If any witnesses stopped to assist you, get their contact details so their eyewitness accounts can be used also. You could even pop into a nearby business to ask if they saw anything.

“The most important thing to do if you’re involved in a crash is to prioritise your safety. Leave the detective work to police.”