Fire danger is no joke: RACQ

RACQ has urged Queenslanders to be prepared for the ongoing bushfire threat, following the arrest of two people accused of starting a blaze near Toowoomba.

Brisbane Times reported Sunday’s grassfire, which destroyed 38 hectares of bushland near Atkinsons Dam, was started when a man and woman discarded cigarette butts.

RACQ spokesperson Kirsty Clinton said it was vital Queenslanders were aware of what could cause a fire and the speed at which flames could travel.

“Bushfires are not something to be taken lightly – we know from experience they can take property, they can take lives,” Ms Clinton said.

“We’re now well and truly into bushfire season and it’s vital Queenslanders take the time to prepare themselves and their homes.

“By following simple tips like keeping your lawn mowed, removing leaf litter from your gutters and trimming low-lying branches, you can do your bit to protect your home.

“When it comes to family and friends, ensure you have a bushfire plan that outlines what you’ll do in the case of an emergency.”

Hot conditions were forecast for much of the State for the remainder of the week.