Fatalities down in the lead up to Christmas

RACQ has highlighted Queensland’s road toll was at its lowest point in more than five years, prompting the peak motoring body to issue a reminder to motorists to drive safely ahead of the Christmas period.

Club spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said 194 people have still lost their lives on Queensland roads, compared to 216 in November last year.  

“That is 22 fewer than the same period in 2018, which is 22 people who weren’t taken away needlessly from their families,” Ms Ritchie said.

“The lowest road toll region was south eastern, which includes Logan and the Gold Coast. They recorded 17 less fatalities than the previous year, which is a drop of almost 59 percent.

“The only number of fatalities we want to see is zero but seeing the numbers decrease is certainly an encouraging sign and trend we want to see continue as we head into the high-risk Christmas period.”

Ms Ritchie said interestingly, pedestrian fatalities were down by almost 43 percent, with 16 lives lost this year.

“It’s promising to see such a large difference in the number of pedestrians killed in crashes, given the high number of pedestrian crashes we’ve seen in recent years,” she said. 

“Contrastingly, the number of cyclists killed has increased by 50 percent.

“It’s a timely reminder for drivers to remember to keep one metre safe distance between you and a cyclist if you’re travelling on a 60km/h zone.

“We all need to do our part to make sure every road user gets home safely.”

Ms Ritchie said as drivers headed into the highest risk time for crashes in the school holiday and Christmas period, RACQ pleaded with drivers to drive to the conditions.

“Christmas is notorious time for crashes and sadly it’s likely we will have more deaths on our road,” she said.

“But we can’t stress enough to everyone on our roads, do your part and drive or ride safely. We don’t want to see anymore needless lives lost.”