Don't be a turkey: Keep Fido away from the leftovers

More than one third of Queenslanders have admitted to feeding their pets potentially toxic Christmas leftovers, with roast meat and potatoes topping the list of most popular foods that end up in the dog bowl.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross called on Queensland pet owners to be wary of what
leftovers they fed their furry friends.

“It can be tempting to include your family pet in the Christmas feast, but there can be many
hidden dangers amongst the foods we think are delicious,” Ms Ross said.

“Pet owners said roast chicken, lamb and turkey were the most popular dishes to share with
pets, but these foods can often be cooked in oil, garlic or onion, all of which are toxic to dogs
and cats.

“The second most popular dish, roast potatoes, can also be laced with herbs, spices and
fatty oils that can upset your pet’s stomach.” 

Ms Ross said the Club had seen more than 800 claims for illness over the Christmas period
last year, which was an additional 281 claims on the previous year. 

“To avoid starting the new year with an unwell pet or a hefty vet bill, keep your pets away
from the Christmas leftovers,” she said.

“To make the day special for your pet, stick to pet-friendly treats like raw carrots and snow

Foods Queenslanders gave to pets over Christmas included:

  • Roast chicken, lamb and turkey – 35 percent
  • Roast potatoes – 13 percent
  • Pastries – seven percent
  • Chocolate – four percent
  • Dried fruit – four percent
  • Nuts – four percent
  • Onions and garlic – four percent.