Why do we speed?

The State’s peak motoring body has revealed the underlying reason so many motorists drove too fast behind the wheel was because they wanted to keep pace with other cars.

RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said respondents to the Club’s Annual Driver Behaviour survey admitted keeping up with other traffic was the most popular reason for exceeding the speed limit.

“There’s no excuse for speeding – but most drivers told us, if they did speed, they were doing so to keep up with the traffic around them,” Ms Hunter said.

“The second highest reason was also shocking – drivers told us they’ll speed when they’re frustrated with slower drivers. This reason was even more popular on highways and concerningly, in school zones.”

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Ms Hunter said speeding was one of the Fatal Five and contributed to around 20 percent of road deaths in Queensland.

“If you’re going too fast and the road conditions change, you may not have the time to react – and the results could be catastrophic. You could hurt yourself, a passenger or another road user and what’s worse is your mistake could even cost lives,” she said.

“No matter what anyone else’s behaviour is on the road, drivers need to take responsibility and concentrate on doing the right thing. Don’t speed to keep up with traffic – drive to the posted speed limit and conditions.

“Keep your cool behind the wheel and if slower drivers are frustrating you, wait for a safe opportunity to overtake them. There’s no point getting worked up while you’re on the road.”