Dogs involved in three fatal crashes

It followed three fatal crashes on the Bruce Highway in the past six weeks, where dogs had been inside the vehicles at the time.

While police could not confirm the distraction of the animals in the cars caused the crashes, it had prompted RACQ to remind motorists of the risks of unrestrained animals.

Club spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said it was for the safety of both animals and motorists.

“Although it’s not a legal requirement to restrain pets in Queensland, it’s vital motorists do so because if left unrestrained, the pet could distract the driver and in the event of a crash become a dangerous projectile inside the vehicle,” Ms Ritchie said.

“Sadly at least one dog in these three recent crashes was also killed.”

Wide Bay Forensic Crash Unit Sergeant Steve Webb told the Fraser Coast Chronicle it was an offence to have the animal on a driver’s lap.

“People out there need to restrain their animals so they don’t in any way distract drivers,” Sgt Webb said.

“Even today driving to work I saw two dogs in the car unrestrained, it’s an absolute risk.”